Bingo Hollywood Changes For The Worse

Bingo Hollywood isn’t one of the brands online today that we visit very regularly; it doesn’t have enough about it to keep us going back if we are honest. However, a recent visit to double check a few details of the site through up some rather unpleasant issues that were either not in place when […]

Jackpot Café Push Advertising Rules

In recent times the Advertising Standards Agency (A.S.A) have really moved with the times, and now they don’t only cover television advertising, but have broadened their spectre to cover advertising online, banner advertising, and even advertising in newspapers and magazines. Even Facebook advertising is covered by the new rules, which leaves us wondering what Jackpot […]

Charity Begins At Home

Charity Bingo has a unique selling point over other brands on the 15 Network, the brand offers £1 to charity for every £20 deposited at the site. In January this year Cancer Research benefitted from a donation of £392, in February The British Heart Foundation received £358 and last month Scope hit the jackpot with […]

When Is A Big Win Not A Big Win?

When is a big win not a big win? Interesting question and the answer is simple – when it is at Biscuit Bingo! We’ve long been a bit wary of the sites that use the Cozy Games software and for good reason. Although things are changing for the better at some sites that use the […]

ASA Rules Anti-Gambling Campaign Can Stay

A series of adverts by The Campaign for Fairer Gambling will be allowed to continue after the ASA failed to uphold a complaint against the company. The Campaign for Fairer Gambling has been running a series of ad campaigns, in protest to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), that is the roulette and gaming machines popping […]

How Not To Run An Affiliate Program

When it comes to choosing the brands that we promote here at Playing Bingo it has always been our aim to give you as much detail as possible, good or bad, about all of the brands available online currently. Often this means we have to review brands that we personally wouldn’t choose to visit, but […]

Rap On The Knuckles For Rap Chic Bingo

When it comes to getting your product brand name out there online bingo sites use many different mediums for advertising. We see an abundance of different brands advertising on television, open any women’s magazine and you will find at least one advert and of course there is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with […]

I’ve Heard Of Bingo Balls, But This Is Ridiculous…

Ok, so there I was checking on some sites for research purposes, and I found myself looking at Gone Bingo, whom I hadn’t visited for a while. The first thing I noticed was their 6th birthday celebration graphic at the top of the page. I looked at it for at least a second before my […]

Profitable Play Ltd (Bingo Friendzy) ASA Adjudication

When Bingo Friendzy first launched on Facebook offering the first ever real money gaming product there was much speculation and debate about the product. Since the launch in August this year the furore has died down and you rarely see the brand name banded about anymore, that was until yesterday when the Advertising Standards Agency […]

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