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Here at Playing Bingo, we’re all for sharing your creativity to do with the game (and ours come to that!) Our Creative Corner is the home for lots of great content created by yourself and other creative people, bringing a bit of culture to the site. Fiction, life stories, poetry, art and more, this section is a growing collection of creative works inspired by the game.

We welcome your input into the Creative Corner. If you’d like to send us a creative work that you think will fit in here then you can contact the site to discuss featuring it.

We’re also running creative competitions from time to time, so you’re welcome to enter and try to win one of the cash prizes we have up for offer. Check out the Competitions And Prizes section to see whats on at the moment.

Creative Corner Sections

For ease of finding, we have broken the creative corner down into a number of distinct sections, listed below you’ll get an idea of what’s in each section.

  • Art – The buildings, the people, the game; all are fitting subject matter for the creative artist to mine in the pursuit of creativity. This section is dedicated to works of art that use bingo as a prime muse for their creation, be it paintings, sculpture, performance or whatever. Visit
  • Poetry – With its colourful lingo and rhyming numbers, bingo can be pretty poetical on its own. It’s also a great subject matter for the poet to tackle, the thrill of winning, the anticipation, the disappointment, all ripe material for poetry about the game. Visit
  • Photography – A number of photographers have found the bingo hall a prime location for photographic exploration. The characters, the faces, the architecture; all combine to creat a fertile ground for creativity. Visit
  • Stories – Our stories sections features both factual personal stories and fiction. Take a look at the great short stories that have been sent in as entries to our competition, or read one of the personal accounts of bingo and its part in the storyteller’s life. Visit
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