If they’ll let you photograph them with out a ‘leave me alone, I’m concentrating’ scowl, your average bingo player is great subject matter for a picture. The highs and lows, the emotions, the steely stare and the joy of a win, all are fair game for a photographer.

And if the people don’t interest you, then what about the buildings, the decor, the architecture and the fittings? Bingo is an area full of interest to the photographer, and here in our photography section we want to showcase some of the best bingo related photos out there.

We’re keen to get your photography here on the site. If you’re a photographer that has used bingo as a theme or subject matter, and would like to see your work here in our Creative Corner, then contact the site and we’ll see if we can add your work or potentially commission you.

In The Creative Corner Photography Section

Listed below will be the photo galleries and sections in our Photography section. Currently we only have one gallery in this section, but we’re working hard to acquire some more. If you’d like to look at our bingo hall focused images galleries, they can be seen here.

  • Henry/Bragg Exhibition at the C&C Gallery. – The artist duo Henry/Bragg’s mainly photographic exhibition ‘B.I.N.G.O.’ is a celebration of bingo as a traditional working class pastime. Several months in the making, the pair visited several UK bingo halls to capture the venues, the players, and the props. Visit
  • Michael Hess: Bingo And Social Club Five Years On – Playing Bingo commissioned the photographer Michael Hess to return to the places he documented five years earlier and create a unique gallery for the site, a snapshot of retail bingo in 2013. Visit
  • Michael Hess: Bingo And Social Club – A small selection of the great photographs from Michael Hess’ book “Bingo And Social Club”. Get a taste of the collection with these images reproduced with the photographer’s kind permission. Visit
  • Your Gallery Here? – We’d love to feature a gallery of your bingo related photography, be it people, equipment, places, whatever. If you’re a photographer and want to get featured then contact us. Visit
Playing Bingo

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