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Online Bingo

Welcome to our Online Bingo section. When this website was initially launched, online bingo was in its infancy, but over the years it has grown immensely. Adverts for online bingo sites are everywhere, and the number of players in the UK is growing.

It is not surprising that the shift of many people to online bingo has had an adverse effect on land based bingo halls. Although we sincerely lament the demise of many clubs, we cannot ignore online bingo and its players, as although the virtual bingo world is a very different one, we find that many players play online for the same or similar reasons as land based players.

In this section we have gathered a huge amount of information that we hope will make your online bingo playing experience a better one. Obviously we have great reviews and bonus sections, because we feel they will help online players to make an informed decision as to which site to sign up with.

We do hope that you find this section informative and helpful, as we’ve put a lot of time into its creation. It will continue to grow as we strive to keep our visitors updated on developments in the world of online bingo, so don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back to see what’s new.

In The Online Bingo Section

Have a look at our section list below, we’re sure that there is something for everyone, new online players and old hands alike. Just read the section description, and if it tickles your fancy click on the link to be taken through to a section choc-filled with great bingo info.

  • Complaints – Unfortunately the world of online bingo can be like the wild west at times. We’re often hearing of players falling foul of online bingo sites’ Ts and Cs, find out how to sort out any problems you might have with our complaints section. Visit
  • Site Reviews – Signing up at a new site, not liking it, then signing up at another one can be a pain. To help you make an informed choice of a new site, our experienced reviewers have reviewed a huge selection of sites, and they don’t pull any punches. Visit
  • Networks – Many experienced online bingo players now search for a new bingo site by the network that they are on. Find out what the different online bingo networks have to offer, and which sites belong to them. Visit
  • Which Bingo Site Belongs To Which Network? – Our attempt to list all the bingo sites we can, and show which bingo network the belong to. Visit
  • Software – Many bingo sites run on white label or licensed software and a few have their own proprietary software. Find out what the main brands of software are, who has created their own, and which sites use which software. Visit
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