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If you’re new to the game of bingo, the whole thing can be completely overwhelming. It is a simple game, but with the different types of games, the terminology, the etiquette; all can be baffling to the uninitiated player.

This collection of guides should help with all that. They’ve been especially written for non-players to explore the basics of the game as well as digging deeper into the complexities of ticket and game types and terminology. These guides should provide an invaluable insight to the new player and should also be of value to advanced players.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, the one thing we can’t guide you to is how to win! But, if there’s something you’d like us to explain in more detail, don’t be afraid to contact us and suggest a guide that you’d like to see.

In The Bingo Guides Section

Have a look at the list below: we’re sure that you’ll find something of interest as we’ve got more than most people would expect.

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Playing Bingo In The UK – Aimed at the complete bingo newbie, this guide features what you need to know to get you started. Our beginner’s guide will help with the basics of the game, what constitutes a win and what to do should you have one. Visit
  • Tips For Arranging A Works Bingo Night Outing – Useful tips and advice for you should you ever be called upon to arrange a bingo night out – how to deal with those that have never played before, arranging the visit and what to expect when you’re there. Visit
  • Bingo Numbers And Their Names – The old fashioned bingo numbers haven’t been typically used in the big modern clubs for years now, but if you’ve ever wondered where they come from and what they’re all about, this piece gives background information on number names. Visit
  • The Differences Between 90 Ball UK Bingo And 75 Ball US Bingo – If you’re new to the game you won’t realise that UK and USA players have different variations of the game. Learn about the differences between these two types of bingo games. Visit
  • UK Bingo Game Types – Snowballs, Jackpots And More – Bingo halls offer a range of different types of game to players, beyond the typical bingo book tickets. Learn about the different types of game you can encounter at your local hall. Visit
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