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It could be you have details about local bingo history which you’d like to write about and share, or it could be you know the history of specific bingo terms or technology. It may not be factual information you can share, but tales of folklore, from legendary players to monumental lucky streaks.

Either way, we want to share that information and save it for future generations of bingo players on this site. If you have something you’d like to send us which will fit in this section then Contact Us now! The newest stories are listed first.

Bingo History Section

The following articles about bingo history are written exclusively for Playing Bingo. There’s some amazing information that you won’t find anywhere on the net, or anywhere else for that matter. Have a look at what we’ve got in the descriptions below, just click through to one of our exclusive articles.

A History Of Bingo In The UK By Dr. Carolyn Downs

Bingo Number Names History And Meanings By Dr. Carolyn Downs

Bingo Histories

      • An Illustrated UK Bingo History By Ian Grundy – There are some great photographs on this page that take us through a pictorial history of the game from 1950. Packed with great shots, and loads of info, this is a page not to be missed. Visit
      • The Southport Garrick (Mecca Bingo) – Ian Grundy returns here to focus on the life of the Southport Garrick, looking through the lens at a building of cultural and historical significance. A great article about a great club. Visit
      • The Shrewsbury Granada (Gala Bingo) – With some beautifully detailed shots of the interior, Ian Grundy takes us through the history of the Shrewsbury Granada, right from its beginnings as a cinema, to its eventual takeover by Gala Bingo. Visit
      • The York Clifton (Independently Owned) – It’s great to read about the fortunes of a family run bingo hall, as they are so rare. The York Clifton is one of the larger independents, and Bill Grundy’s photography, crisp as it is, shows us a well cared for club. Visit
      • The Kingston Gala (Gala Bingo) – A church converted to a bingo hall? Not as rare as you’d think, although in the interim, the building had been used as a cinema. All vestiges of worship are long gone, and what we see is a converted building with all its finery intact. Visit
      • Kenny Smith – My Time At The Southport Garrick – Here we get the history and a description of a magnificent building from one of its former employees. It’s obvious from this article that Kenny Smith enjoyed his time there. A fond memory of a building that will hopefully be with us for a long time. Visit
      • The Tooting Gala By Charles S. P. Jenkins – A highly detailed account of one of London’s most sumptuous old theatres, the Tooting Granada, which continues today as the Tooting Gala. A very interesting piece, written with a great personal touch. Visit
      • The Eastbourne Luxor Seven Gala By Charles S. P. Jenkins – An excellent pictorial piece describing visits to, and history of one of Eastbourne’s finest buildings, and one time home to Luxor Seven Bingo. Visit
      • The Bingo Craze Started by Helen Fox – A personal piece covering the history of Standard Bingo in Hackney by the wife of the original manager. This was the first cinema to bingo conversion in London. Visit
      • The Woolwich Gala By Charles S. P. Jenkins – Another personal piece covering the history of Woolwich Gala/Granada. Charles talks in depth about his two visits to the old cinema, describing his exploration of the venue in great detail. Visit
      • The Bingo Special – This was a train that left London for Brighton in 1962. We have a rare photograph of passengers aboard the train, and would like to complete the history of this unique event with the help or our site visitors. Visit

Press Cuttings

    • Bingo Press Cuttings – This section consists of three themed pages created from the personal newspaper cuttings collections of bingo and cinema enthusiasts from around the country. The themes are ‘celebrity visits’, ‘local news’, and ‘bingo press adverts. Enjoy a bit of nostalgia by visiting this section. Visit
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