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A lot of ‘bingo history’ has quite simply disappeared, and the only source for it these days is either the archives of local libraries, or personal collections. Unfortunately the internet didn’t really exist until many bingo clubs were on their way out, so there are not many sources of information apart from one or two websites, and of course this website.

We do receive help from bingo and cinema historians in our quest to record the history of bingo in the UK, and this press cuttings section is our latest addition. If you have something you’d like to send us which will fit in this section then please Contact Us now!

Press Cutting Section

We currently have three categories of press cutting listed below. Just click on the link to be taken through to a piece of bingo history.

  • Celebrity Guests – The 1970s were a good period for bingo and television and radio. This section brings the two of them together with the help of press cuttings. There’s a comedian who used to share a weekly show with a partner of the same name, can you guess who it is? Visit
  • Local News – These clippings were taken from local press publications. These often highlighted ‘local feeling’, and added an almost ‘personal edge’ to news of the goings on in the world of bingo clubs. The national press didn’t report these stories, but they mattered to local people. Visit
  • Press Adverts – With the advent of digital image enhancement came the death of the good old fashioned hand drawn advert. Submitted by enthusiasts from their scrapbooks, and rarely seen these days, this section is dedicated to the ‘art of the advert’. Visit
  • Bingo At Sea – A while before bingo halls were legal in the UK, bingo was played at sea. Martin Tapsell provides us with rare photographs of cruise liner programmes from the nineteen forties showing bingo sessions as ‘peak time’ seabound entertainment. Visit
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