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Retail Bingo - Photo by Michael Hess

Welcome to our Retail Bingo section, a place full of information on the UK’s high street bingo halls and clubs. In recent years the UK’s bingo industry has been taking a hiding, with lots of clubs closing and disappearing.

The reasons for this are many, the smoking ban, aging buildings, competition from online bingo and people having less money to spend in these times of recession; all of these reasons and more have contributed to the decline of bricks and mortar retail bingo here in Britain.

But if you thought traditional land-based bingo was on the decline, you couldn’t be more wrong. Whilst there have been losses, there game itself remains popular, and in some cases has improved in a way to appeal to an even wider (and younger) audience than that of the traditional bingo player. With around 400 clubs still active in the UK, retail bingo can boast far greater player numbers than its online rival, and continues to be a social night out for millions of us.

This section is all about retail bingo, and features a number of great sections on the game. It has the UK’s most comprehensive guide to the bingo clubs around the country, where you can send us your comments and photos to add to the information we already have. We also have the largest archive of bingo halls that no longer operate, and aim to increase the amount of pages we have dedicated to the UK’s rich bingo heritage.

As well as these club related resources, you’ll find more general information in our guides and history sections, both full of interesting pieces to do with the game’s development and popularity. Below you’ll find information on the sections in the site, and if you think there’s anything we could add, or anything we should change, feel free to contact us and let us know!

In The Retail Bingo Section

Have a look at our section list below, we’re sure that there is something for everyone, new club players and old hands alike. Just read the section description, and if it tickles your fancy click on the link to be taken through to a section choc-filled with great bingo info.

  • UK Bingo Club Finder – Find the UK’s operating bingo clubs in one place in our club finder. We list big chains, indie clubs and smaller operators all together, listed by city and town – if you’re going away, take a look to see if there’s a bingo hall at your destination. Visit
  • Lost Halls – Bingo’s been big in the UK since the middle of the 20th century, lots of clubs have fallen by the wayside over the decades. Playing Bingo’s Lost Halls is the place to find out about the clubs long gone. Visit
  • Guides – If you’re new to the world of bingo, or just curious about how the game works, our guides section has a number of pieces to help you. From arranging a works bingo night to finding out about the different kinds of game on offer; you’ll find a guide to help here. Visit
  • History – Find out more about the rich history of the game here in the UK with our land bingo history section. In depth pieces on the history of the game and some of its more popular palaces are amongst the highlights in our history section. Visit
  • Bingo Caller Of The Year – he defunct Bingo Caller Of The Year run for a number of years, ending in 2007. Find details on the competition and past winners. Visit
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