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Welcome to our reviews section. Find out what you need to know about popular UK bingo sites. Unlike many other bingo portals, we’ll tell you what we think about the sites we review, good and bad. We play bingo regularly, so we know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to a great online bingo site.

Also, unlike many other sites out there, we actually play-test the sites we review. We look at the features on offer, the security, the software and the support that sites offer. If something is not good, we will let you know. In some cases we may tell you to avoid them full stop, and others to dive in.

Many bingo portals use reviews provided by the bingo site itself, which to us is crazy as they aren’t very likely to highlight where they are lacking. All our reviews are original, done by us and presented to you to help give you an insight in to the sites you want to try or already play at. Whether it’s a networked skin (a group of different sites sharing players) or a stand-alone operator, we’ll get down and dirty with it so you don’t have too.

Online Bingo Site Reviews

Use our alphabetical links to jump to the bingo sites, listed alphabetically in the table below.


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