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Brett Hyrjak - Image Courtesy of the NBGA

Welcome! You’ve found your way to Brett Hyrjak’s corner of Playing Bingo. Get yourself comfy and pull up a web page – share a few minutes with the Bingo Caller Of The Year 2006 and Gala TV caller.

Brett has been dropping by monthly with his own personal column, exclusive to Playing Bingo. Brett has written about his experiences as a bingo caller and is an ambassador for the game. Funny experiences, calling tips and lots of bingo related anecdotes are expected!

If you’d like to find out more about Brett and his background and how he prepared for the 2006 Bingo Caller Of The Year competition, you can read a full interview with him in the Playing Bingo Articles And Interviews section.

The posts have moved and are now a part of the blog. They can be seen here:

Brett’s Corner Posts @ The Playing Bingo Blog

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