The Return Of The Bingo Caller Of The Year

Feels like a lifetime ago that we were last covering the Bingo Caller Of They Year, when Blake Robson took the crown from our very own columnist Brett Hyrjak back in 2007. That was 12 years ago, and while there have been some poorly publicised chain only competitions in the intervening decade and a bit, […]

Did She Deal Or No Deal On £5,000 Or £1,000?

We have another tale here of disgruntled customer vs the bingo hall’s. This time it involves a situation where the prize board had the incorrect amount displayed on it and the customer receives a lesser amount. This raises a potential minefield of questions to prove who is right and who is wrong in this instance:If […]

What’s Your Favourite Four Letter Word Beginning With ‘F’?

Did you say ‘Free’? I hope you did! If you thought of any other four letter word then you are just naughty!! ‘Free’ is always a word that fills us with joy: from the promoters in the street who give you free samples of products, to the little known websites that offer free mobile ring […]

No Deposit Free £100 Bonus At Britains Fastest Growing Online Bingo Site

One of my pet hates about bingo advertising……actually ALL advertising…… when the adverts deliberately cloud the promotion….making the consumer think that they are getting something when in fact they are not. Do you remember when you were a kid at the funfair and you went on one of those stalls where you would have to […]

Playing Bingo

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