My Very Last Brett’s Corner!

Me and the missus in vegas

Yes, you have read correctly, this will be the very last post on ‘Brett’s corner’!!!! After 2 and a half years of comment and criticism on everything bingo I have decided to pack away the laptop and switch off the wireless (metaphorically speaking, of course-I can’t possibly cope without Facebook and TV on demand!!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for this site over the course of the ‘corner’ and hope that all of you, both bingo staff and players alike have enjoyed the articles too. Some of my conflabs about the bingo world have generated laughter and joy: Lucky seat bust ups; staff parties/panto’s and my encounter with the Eggheads!!!! Other articles have generated a completely different kind of reaction and have encouraged debate and discussion.

When I look back over the time spent in ‘Brett’s corner’ I have seen many changes happen not only in bingo, but in my career as well. When I started this article I had just been given the honour of being the Nations best bingo caller and was calling in a small club on a holiday resort. Electronic bingo was just starting in the larger halls and the smoking ban hadn’t even hit England yet!

Bingo caller of the year!!!!! AHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!

Since then I have experienced bingo calling in Vegas, have met countless celebrities and conducted interviews in National papers, radio and TV. My life now is vastly different from when I first started writing for this site to the point where the vast majority of my work is away from the bingo halls where I have spent most of my career.

Just some of the celebs that I have met in my time as a caller

And that is the predominant reason why I have decided to call time on ‘Brett’s corner’. My job in bingo has now taken me away from the ‘bricks and mortar’ side of the bingo world and into a completely new direction: one that is exciting and fantastic for me, but means that my opinions on all things bingo are being relayed from a distant memory of the clubs rather than from being on the ‘front line’ so to speak. Even playing the game, which I used to do at least a couple of times a month has been reduced to only a couple of times THIS YEAR, (I still love playing bingo; just that the commute away doing my work means that any time off is quality time spent with my wonderful fiancee!!!!

Me ‘working’!!!!!!

Do you know I am closely coming up to spending 10 years in the world of bingo!!!! And to think that when I first went to the interview for the job of a bingo steward in Bognor Regis I thought that bingo was only played a few evenings a week and was only played for a few quid and some cuddly toys?!!?!? I can safely say that since then I have personally given away MILLIONS of pounds in cash and luxurious prizes to thousands of players up and down the land, and I hope to continue doing the same for years to come.

Fun as a bingo caller!!!!!!

So, in the words of the late Michael Jackson: THIS IS IT!!!!! Keep the bingo faith and no matter whether you play bingo, are curious about the game, or even work in bingo then keep on supporting this great British game. I never like saying goodbye because you never know what is around the corner…especially in this game. The amount of people I have met working in bingo who I have said goodbye to when they have announced that they are leaving the job……only to come back months or even weeks later makes me especially dubious to ever say cheerio for good. So instead I will say…….see ya later people!!!!!!!! and if I ever meet any of you in the flesh then…………….

Mines a pint!!!!!!
(the views expressed throughout every blog and article in Brett’s corner are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer)

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