Gala’s Everest Bingo Game Not The Highest?

Gala Bingo's Everest game of bingo

First up today, congratulations to the 25 bingo players / Gala staff members that engaged in a game of bingo on the slopes of Everest last week. The event was more than a year in the planning, and arranged to raise money for Gala Coral’s nominated charity, Sue Ryder Care. It was a pretty momentous event, here’s a bit of detail on it from Gala.

25 dedicated bingo buffs last week climbed to an astonishing 17,500ft, dabber in hand, to set the record for the World’s Highest Game of Bingo. Despite the constant risk of dehydration, altitude sickness, deep vein thrombosis and frostbite, they overcame all that nature could throw at them to land the biggest bingo jackpot of all time; calling “BINGO” on top of the world!

The plucky trekkers – all Gala Coral staff from around the UK – have been preparing for this record feat since 2008, during which they engaged in a gruelling training programme to ensure they are well prepared for the rigours of playing bingo at 17,500 ft.

The extraordinary challenge was part of a fundraising effort for Gala Coral’s nominated charity, Sue Ryder Care. Following the completion of the trek and the setting of a new record, the team have successfully smashed their goal of raising £100,000 for the charity.

Now, it’s not like me to pick holes in anything (yeah right) and I’m not trying to detract from the valiant effort of the Gala folk. But… Is this really the highest game of bingo? My mind cast back a couple of years to news of the launch of Genesis II, a space habitat module currently orbiting the earth.

“Why David? Why do you mention this completely unrelated fact?” I hear you say. Well, aboard Genesis II is an automated bingo RNG (Random Number Generator) which broadcasts its results back to earth for people to play. I’m not sure but could this actually be classed the highest game of bingo, rather than that at the Everest base camp? I’m unsure if the game has ever been played, but if it has, it would certainly be the highest bingo number generation ever, and quite possibly the highest ever game.

Well done Gala staff all the same, one thing to hold on to, if they do get beaten by the space bingo machine, then at least they can comfort themselves that they are the highest ever ‘human’ game of bingo. As they’re Gala staff, I’m of course using the term ‘human’ loosely… Just kidding. ;)

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