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Prior to their relaunch last month, Sky Bingo ushered in the news with great secrecy around one of their headline new features. At the time all was hush-hush from the company, as they feared rivals would take the opportunity to trump them and their market leading offer. Their new innovation was the birth of the low ticket price guaranteed jackpot game. Players at Sky Bingo will are able to enter the new monthly £20,000 guaranteed jackpot game at the ludicrously low price of 2p a ticket.

The first of these super guaranteed games will be played on Friday the 6th of November. Needless to say, I have already purchased my tickets for the game, and if you’d like to do the same then you can do so here. They’ll need to sell a million tickets at those prices to break even, which is one heck of a feat. If they don’t then as a loss-leading promotion for enticing paying players, it’s pretty faultless and possibly trumps the free bingo model that’s been the main focus of sites recently.

Well, it seems their fears of someone copying their idea were pretty well founded. News has come through today from Foxy Bingo that they will be changing the pricing on their monthly guaranteed £10,000 game. In a case of hurried catch-up, the price will drop from £1 a ticket to 1p. Whooah! Cashcade that run Foxy are normally ahead of the curve when it comes to these sort of innovations, but it seems they’re playing catch up here following Sky’s big move.

I can see more sites following suite, before long we’ll be seeing more sites moving the pricing on their big jackpot games. Personally, I think it’s a positive move, the high prices of Foxy’s big jackpot and other similar big jackpots has been a bit inflated IMO, a real turn off to value conscious players. At least the emphasis on these new things is on people paying money. As great as the free model is, it’s the paying public that really needs to be attracted to sites, and this move is one that will entice more of them to deposit and play. It’s worked for me already.

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