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Playing Bingo is a site all about 90 ball UK bingo. Started in the summer of 2005, the site’s aim is to help fans of the game have a place to congregate, get news on the game and share their opinions on the game of bingo.

The aim is to cut through a lot of the hype on the web and encourage good practice from online gaming sites and other bingo related sites. Over the coming years we hope to expand the community and the information we have here at the site to help players of the game share their bingo stuff, help new players feel their feet and to help the industry see what’s important to the players.

Meet The Man Behind Playing Bingo

I’m David Lloyd – A bingo player, an ex bingo caller and a website builder – I come from a family of bingo players – the whole family loves the game and plays on a regular basis. I started this site because after searching for decent info to help people I worked with play bingo, I couldn’t find much to recommend them. There’s lots of cookie-cutter, ‘sign-up with this and that bingo’ sites out there, but on the whole their content was poor and not pitched at the people I was trying to help.

Out of desperation I ended up writing my own custom built guides for them. It made sense to expand on those guides and put this site up. I realised I had a lot of other bingo related material I could use as well. I love a lot of the ephemera and history of the game, the architecture, the people and the stories.

So, with all that in mind I put this simple site together. As time has passed I added more bits and delved into the world of online bingo. What I found in this bright new bingo area was a lot of, well, let’s say a few things that have given me cause for concern.

Whether it be misleading marketing and conditions, poorly thought out bingo games or a lack of value for money – I’m hoping my reviews will uncover some of the problems and act as a guide to the best online bingo sites. I’ll be honest, a lot of reviewers out there are more worried about getting their affiliate payments than recommending good consumer experiences.

I’m looking to redress that balance in the favour of your average player – people like me and the rest of my family. Yes we run affiliate schemes here, but I don’t let that interfere with my reviews – if there’s a problem I’ll say, and I can’t in good conscience recommend something that doesn’t pass my quite stringent needs as a bingo player.

I’m opinionated, and love sharing those opinions – the bingo news often features my own commentary and ideas – you can comment on all the new posts so don’t be afraid to take me to task if you feel I’m wrong. In fact the whole site is open to receive your stuff – articles, photos, jokes, stories and more. As we grow, hopefully this will become an archive of some great bingo history and folklore – so feel free to contact us with your stories and stuff.

You’ll notice that I run advertising here at the site. I think it’s fair to tell you that I do accept money as an advertising affiliate to promote the bingo sites featured at the site. I work as an affiliate and receive rewards for players sent via the links at this site, as do many other websites about bingo.

I think it’s fair you should know this, and I would like to stress that this financial aspect of the site doesn’t colour my opinions about the sites featured. If I don’t think they’re very good, I say so. I won’t promote any sites that I as a regular player of online bingo am not happy to spend my own money at. Many other sites don’t have such stringent editorial beliefs, but you can rest assured that here the money is secondary to the aim of the site, which is to be a great resource to bingo players in the UK.

I’m always happy to receive bingo related mail to the site – contact me here.

Playing Bingo

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