Hands Off Our Balls! Players Storm The Capital

The bingo industry have finally joined forces, along with customers and have stormed parliament to urge the government to reduce the bingo tax laws: Well, when I say storm; I really mean that on one of the hottest days of the year around three hundred players and staff visited the capital to stage a peaceful […]

Stop The Bullying Players…No Matter How Old They Are!

You would think in today’s climate that there would be plenty of seats available in the bingo hall to accommodate everyone. Well not for a 96 year old pensioner from Scotland who has now been banned from every club in the country after punching a manager in the face!!!! After finding out that her regular […]

Watch Out Taxman…Bingo Wants It’s Money Back!

Yeah!!!!!!! Gordon Brown might have been perplexed the other day when the bingo player ranted at him about the unfair taxation on the bingo industry, but he will be fully aware of the game now as the bingo companies will be seeking to reclaim around £500 million for being overcharged on tax on ancilliary games. […]

You’ll Never Get Rid Of The Dabbers…Part 2…The Debate!

My main piece this month is a follow up to last months discussion over modern technology coming into the bingo clubs today. I ended the blog by stating that you can never get rid of the paper bingo but after reading articles this month I am not so sure. A woman was reported to have […]

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