Hello Again

Hello again,

Sorry folk’s about not posting for a while…..it’s been a busy time with me as I have been moving house and visiting the family back in Bognor Regis: I am now away from the rather weird sounding Fishponds area of Bristol and am living in the more Regal sounding ‘Kingswood’. After rearranging rooms, unpacking boxes and setting up my new Internet connection, I am now raring to go with some more bingo goss!!!!!

So it has been a while since I have scoured the sites for recent information but the general consensus is that the doom and gloom is still about……..even the good news about a player winning a brand new car is soured with the news that she has been diagnosed with swine flu and has to remain at home in quarantine ‘car-less’ (for the time being!!!)

There is more news out there about the new 21st century swanky club in Nottingham that is attracting a lot of attention. Reading through the article makes me think that this type of club could be the way to go for the future of the bingo…..having a venue that mixes the old style of playing alongside the new fast paced online element, is maximising the potential for new customers. And also with the nightclub/casino feel in other parts of the hall you could open up the doors for a whole new clientele. When I visited a club in Las Vegas a couple of years ago this type of hall was the norm and maybe the clubs in this country will follow suit soon.

Controversial news about a club in Cambridge that has been closed and has now been taken over by squatters. At first I was ‘outraged and disgusted’ but as I read on I discovered that they are going to be planning to make it into a ‘social centre’ and offering free games of bingo and cinema events into the bargain. Good on them if they can pull it off but I really think that from prior experience of squatters a lot of this talk about ‘fighting the system’ and ‘helping the community’ is firmly tongue in cheek and harks back to the hippy day’s…..if they are reading this then prove me wrong!!!!!!

In the world of the bingo advertsier we have been inundated with commercials of happy females, dancing foxes and elderly customers on adverts recently with little or no male representation…….now after another ‘fantastic brainstorming session’ by people who have never visited a bingo club or met a bingo player we have………..’BINGO WINGS IDOL!!’. That’s right!! Adverts have been placed online and in local job centres asking for ‘obese young women’ between the ages of 18 and 50. I don’t know what is infuriating me more……the fact that they are saying that everyone that plays bingo is a woman…or that the fact that everyone that plays bingo is fat!!! Obviously the fact that the name of the ‘contest’ contains the word ‘bingo wings’ implies that only a certain type of person can apply….but even so I cannot see that an advertising promotion involving this improves the opinion of bingo in this country. However if you are a lady with a ‘bubbly personality’ then the £100,000 prize and the promise of appearing in a ‘Worldwide’ advert could compensate for the offence!!!!! Hell if I was a woman I would be saying ‘bring me the pies!!!!’

Anyway keep the bingo faith and see ya soon folks!!!!!

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