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Remember a couple of years ago when Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ invaded America causing mayhem, not to mention several lawsuits. Well his new alter-ego ‘Bruno’ has started where Borat left off; only this time he has upset the US bingo community!!

A woman who ran a charity bingo game in America is suing the former Ali G star after she claims she was ‘offensively touched, pushed and battered’ which caused her to fall to the floor (sometime later apparently) and hit her head on concrete: confining her to a wheelchair ever since!

Now, this could be clever PR for the movie. All the hype from the Borat movie mainly came from Americans filing damage’s claims left, right and centre (or should that be center!?!?!) and maybe they are doing the same sort of stuff for this film. Or it could be a genuine claim for what could have been a very distressing situation?

It’s funny though that this suit has been filed after the victim realised that this was a motion picture film and not just a small Austrian documentary crew. America, it seems, hates to be the butt of any sort of jokes; especially when it makes them look stupid, un-educated, homophobic or racist.

I have a funny feeling though that when Bruno is released worldwide then we shall see what actually happened in the incident and realise that the law suit is being filed out of embarrassment rather than victimisation.

Now can I get a free ticket for the premier Sacha? hmmmmmmmmm?

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