Cashcade and Gala In The News

I’m on the train at the moment on the way to the 4th Annual Online Bingo Summit in London. Just browsing through the news and there’s a couple of interesting stories worthy of note. First up is the news that the sale of Cashcade could be literally days away. EGaming Review has a piece that says PartyGaming is close to closing the deal.

I really hope PartyGaming don’t make a fudge of the great work that Cashcade have done the last couple of years. Let’s face it, PartyGaming have not got a very good rep when it comes to the game online, with such flops behind them as ITV Bingo, Emmerdale Bingo and its own Party Bingo. Cahscade on the other hand are pretty much the top bingo company in the UK when it comes to providing top flight bingo. It’s player base is pretty loyal and it treats them well, innovating all the time. PartyGaming, from us regular online players, please don’t mess up this golden opportunity!

Gala Bingo have been in the news, with The Times reporting the chain is considering closing another 5 or 6 halls around the UK. The report goes on to state that analysts reckon as many as a 100 clubs could close in the next couple of years following the added tax burden the government kindly put on the industry at the last budget. Sadly, many of these closures would be the smaller, more traditional bingo halls that I love.

Times are definitely changing for the game, with the Times also reporting that online bingo is very much in the ascendency over its land based partner. Cold comfort to Gala Bingo who risk losing their number one position in the online space if the Cashcade / Party deal goes through, as that could help knock them off that spot. It’s no better with the land based side either, the Times piece covers a number of possible issues with their financing woes and banking covenants. It’s certain to be a testing time for the UK’s biggest bingo company.

Well, I’ll be back with the results of the online bingo awards soon, I’m looking forward to that event tomorrow night, I’ll try and get plenty of photos and gossip to share with you all once I get back from London. Until then, happy bingoing!

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