You Don’t Need To See To Play Bingo!

Here is a story about a blind woman in the states who has won a battle to make electronic tickets audible when a claim is found so that she can stop the game. Apparently in the US, up until this judgement the consoles played on in bingo clubs there had to be silent. Over in this country the sound on these machines vary from club to club and from each different brand of electronic gaming machine.

I know that I have been rather technologically minded in my last few post’s, but I think the bingo industry is missing out on something here. Believe it or not, in my time working in the halls I had several players that came in and played who were either visually impaired or totally blind. They played the game either by bringing in a carer to assist in the game, or in the case of one of my old regulars in Bognor Regis we photocopied the tickets to A4 size so that they could see them. If we could make these electronic terminals more user friendly for the visually impaired in the community then we could open up the bingo clubs to a whole new breed of player.

And to solve the problem of customers complaining about the beeps and whistles of these terminals then there is this great invention that can combat this…….something that could also be used by the ignorant kids on buses and trains when they play there tinny music constantly on there mobile phones…….an invention called the EARPHONE!!!!!

Most modern clubs now have hearing loops installed so that people with compatible hearing aids can play along and listen to the caller clearly… why not do something to assist the blind to play the game?

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