Mecca Win VAT Rebate Appeal At High Courts

There’ll be some happy people in the Rank Group HQ today. In fact they may even be having a little party to celebrate their victory in the High Court, where they found out they could keep the £62million VAT repayment they received last year. Reading the comments left here when the repayment was made, I’m not sure what Mecca can actually do with the money, but it’s sure to do the company some good to not only have that money, but to also not be paying it out as well.

Now that Mecca Bingo have won their case at the appeal court, you can expect a whole slew of claims to come up for bingo operators around the UK. The Times post above thinks that as much as £500million could be due back to the industry. Good news yes, but given the recent budget knife to the guts, I wonder if Gordon Brown might not find some more ways of getting it out of the industry. It should at least cover a few weeks of expenses claims, if nothing else…

One thought on “Mecca Win VAT Rebate Appeal At High Courts

  1. It is yet another round won but the government can still appeal the decision and are likely to do so.

    The government know they cannot win the case but they are blatantly stalling the process so the next elected government will be landed with the tab.
    Protective assessments have already been done by the inland revenue which is a clear indication that they knew the ruling would go against them.
    The government have vindicated the decision by increasing the GPT to 22% claiming we are taxed in line to how we were taxed before.

    Now the decision has gone with Mecca, is it fair that we should have our tax system compared to what is now essentially branded as an unfair tax? Bookies, online bingo in UK are taxed at 15% as was onlinebingo up until the budget, why are we singled out even though we add social and economic value to our communities.

    The bingo industry are staging protests and intend to embark along with 2000 bingo protesters on the Green opposite Westminster, please support the campaign and save the bingo industry from a government that only cares about saving their own jobs rather than the social lives of many people where bingo is like home.

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