Wait until your’e 18 people!

Here’s a story in the Kent area about a bingo hall in Maidstone that was victim to an attempted break in by two teenagers aged 16 and 17……..

…..Dressed in camoflague they first tried to break into an upper entrance before giving up and scaling the rooftops to try to find access that way……..with no success as one of them became trapped and had to be rescued by the authorities!

What makes this more unbelievable is that this was attempted in broad daylight and people were even queuing outside the premises to get in for the first session of the day!!!!

Apparantley the youths were just wanting to ‘take pictures’ of the bingo hall…….yeah right!!!!!!!

The only thing they ended up taking though at the end of it was the precious time of the police and fire services……..

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