£1,000,000 Win Dispute Settled

It’s been a long time since I heard anything about the case of Jean McCullagh and the disputed million pound Mecca Millionaire prize that was won back in October 2007. The problems arose as she was playing with 3 other family members and had denied she had agreed to split the prize money. They said they had agreed to split any winnings, she said she’d not agreed to split the big prize. A judge froze the prize money when the case was taken to the lawyers.

There’s news from Scotland now that the case has been settled out of court, prior to the case being called. Jean has had to split the money with her 3 bingo companions. The Daily Record reveals that so far the legal costs could be close to £200,000, a fifth of the money originally won. It looks like Jean decided to settle up, because had she lost in court, the legal fees alone would have wiped out her quarter share of the million.

It sounds like the case has really taken its toll on the family, and I fear there is now an unrepairable rift in the family following this case. Still, the three sisters will be celebrating, and rightly so I believe, when they finally get their share of the big prize. It seems like a timely reminder that you and your bingo buddies might be interested in signing our prize split agreement to help formalise your sharing agreements.

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