Bet365 Bingo Enhances The Parts Other Bingo Sites Leave Well Alone…

Puerile humour warning. I was looking at the forum earlier, when the new advert from Bet365 Bingo caught my attention, for the wrong reasons. I caught the advert half way through its loop, and was amused by what I saw. It would seem that Bet365 Bingo’s new offer of £25 free for £5 deposit has had a more beneficial effect than any of those pills I get offered on a daily basis by the spam emails promising new and improved tools.

Hmmmm. Intentional, subliminal marketing by Bet365 do you think, or small oversight and blooper? Maybe it’s a ploy to get more blokes on the site with the notion that it could improve certain attributes by playing there? The most likely explanation is that I’m actually quite childish, and I accept that, but the proofs in the image for everyone to see.

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