No Deposit Free £100 Bonus At Britains Fastest Growing Online Bingo Site

One of my pet hates about bingo advertising……actually ALL advertising…… when the adverts deliberately cloud the promotion….making the consumer think that they are getting something when in fact they are not.

Do you remember when you were a kid at the funfair and you went on one of those stalls where you would have to get a certain score on a dart board to win a prize? Dotted around the stall were HUGE cuddly toys that were bigger than you. You’d try and fail several times to get the score required and then eventually you’d achieve it and you would be chuffed to bits…..until the vendor put his hands under the stall to reveal a small teddy-bear shaped key-ring……”but hey, I want the big cuddly dog?” you would say…….”sorry kid…those are for when you win 10 times in a row” or some other such newly realised rule that was not written in the small print!!!

Well this bingo site have recently done a similar thing with there online promotion…..£15 free is what they are offering……After a complaint from a customer however who found that they could not recoup any winnings that they had gained from this ‘free play’ they have now had to amend the wording of there promotion.

I am not a fan of this misleading form of advertising, although I can see why so many online companies offer this to new players: the more people that click and play with you the more likely that they will stay and play for real.

To the online bingo regulars I would say that the vast majority of them are fully aware of these promotions and choose there bingo sites on other strengths…however it is the few novice bingo players who are enticed initially by the offer of ‘FREE MONEY’ who will shout the loudest and vow never to play bingo again: and these new customers are what the online industry needs as the market becomes more and more saturated with bingo web sites.

Like with everything in this world….if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is! I’ll talk about this more next week when I discuss the merits of the FREE game of bingo.

(OH and by the way…if you were reading this to find out more about the £100 online offer then you obviously haven’t gotten the gist of what I am trying to say!!!!!)

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