When Is A Big Win Not A Big Win?

When is a big win not a big win? Interesting question and the answer is simple – when it is at Biscuit Bingo! We’ve long been a bit wary of the sites that use the Cozy Games software and for good reason. Although things are changing for the better at some sites that use the software, we still receive player complaints and requests for advice on quite a regular basis. The latest came from a player at Biscuit Bingo who had quite a substantial win whilst playing instant win games at the site.

We shall refer to the player simply as X. X had deposited quite a tidy sum at Biscuit Bingo and was pleased to almost treble his deposit whilst spinning the reels. However, upon requesting a withdrawal he was told that he could only receive a maximum of £250 per week from his winnings!

Even more bizarre is the fact that in order to get the £250 maximum withdrawal per week he has to deposit £10 per month, every month in order to keep his account active! Following numerous emails back and forth between player X and support at Biscuit Bingo the following was stated:

There has to be a deposit in your bingo account for every 30 days so that your bingo account will be active.

Make a deposit on October 23rd 2013 and start playing. If you lose also it will not effect your withdrawal which is in pending payment. If you win then the wagering rules will be considered.

Prior to reaching this conclusion there is a rule in the Terms and Conditions of the site that state:

Management reserves the right to deny any withdrawal request if a player has not funded his/her account prior to 30 days of withdrawal. Player must deposit and wager an amount equal or above the requested withdrawal amount, in order for withdrawal to be processed.

We’ve always been aware that Cozy Games have made it nigh on impossible to actually withdraw any winnings and this incident with Biscuit Bingo just reiterates this. After recent positive changes to their Ts and Cs, this has just sent the Cozy Games product crashing back down to the bottom of the bingo pile!

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