Bingo Players Object To 50 Shades Lessons

A Cambridgeshire village hall has been left red-faced today as ‘relationship lessons’ held at the hall have turned out to be lessons in horseplay, whip included! The Peer Rope Cambridge booked the hall for the lessons, but as they began it became clear that rather than traditional relationship advice, this stuff was a bit raunchy, and it’s thought that bingo players who use the hall, might not like the idea very much.

The group promotes bondage and spanking, a la fifty shades of grey, to improve and spice up the relationship, but the trustees at the Trumpington Village Hall misunderstood this and have now had to cancel the sessions, after complaints about the ‘flogging workshop’ by older members.

The village hall runs regular bingo sessions, and while these ladies may well have enjoyed the 50 Shades Trilogy, they don’t necessarily want advice on that alongside their bingo sessions. It’s certainly away from the norm, and not the usual event to see in a village hall, although in true British style, the group did have a break with tea and biscuits on offer; tea, biscuits and the broom across your behind anyone? No, we thought not.

Understandably trustees at the hall have been left red-faced by the entire debacle, and it’s been a while since flogging was seen at any village hall or community meeting place around the UK, but it could be making a comeback it seems!

Of course, that’s not to say that bingo players don’t come from a wide demographic of players. For months we’ve been hearing about the imminent launch of XXX Bingo, which promises to cater for those who want to combine the traditional game with a bit of raunch, we’re not sure this village hall will be promoting it though.

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