Showreel Bingo Advertising On Television

As all of our readers will know by know we have a brand on the 15 Network (Tidy Bingo). There are ten other brands on the network, one of which is Showreel Bingo and it is this site that is only the second to start advertising their wares on television. The first brand was Quiz Show Bingo that was later re-branded as Lights Camera Bingo.

We’re always honest in our opinions of a commercial for an online bingo brand and we are going to be the same way with Showreel Bingo, despite is being on the same network as our site. One word sprang to mind after watching the 30-second clip – DULL. Even the background music was boring…

The tune sounds like it belongs in a lift and the voiceover has a really patronising tone to it in our opinion. Even the graphics are dull; we see the logo and then varying images bounce in and out of the picture to advertise different aspects of the brand.

There are details of the £200,000 won every single day, a new player jackpot room and of course, the welcome bonus on offer from Showreel Bingo.

We so wanted more from this commercial than we have actually got; we wanted it to leap from the screen, grab us by the collar and haul us to our PC or laptop ready to play bingo. Sadly it doesn’t incite and feelings of excitement or enthusiasm for the game even with the offer of a free DVD.

Is it just us, are we too cynical? Take a look for yourself and share your views on the Showreel Bingo commercial by commenting below.

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