Fierce Bingo Closing

On October 15th, 2013 Fierce Bingo is going to close its virtual doors, just six months after opening! Is this a record? The site is one of many that chose to open as part of the Dragonfish network but was the only site to date who were quite so specific with the demographic that they were trying to appeal to.

The home page of Fierce Bingo even went so far as to describe itself as an ‘online gay bingo website” and pit itself as exclusively for gay and lesbian players. As we all know, an online bingo site never discriminates against players with the only restriction being that they are over 18.

In all honesty it comes as no surprise to find that Fierce Bingo is closing its doors, with little to back up its unique selling point it was always destined for failure.

Players were notified of the impending closure by email and also with a notice posted on the landing page of the brand. The email read as follows:

We would like to inform you that Fierce Bingo will cease operating its gaming services on October 15 2013.

Fierce Bingo would like to thank you for your loyalty and dedication in helping us give you the best bingo experience possible.

You can withdraw the funds that are currently in your Fierce Bingo account by visiting the cashier in accordance with our Withdrawal Policy & Bonus Policy. All funds must be withdrawn by October 14 2013

The closure of this site is not going to be a loss felt by many we feel.

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