Charity Begins At Home

Charity Bingo has a unique selling point over other brands on the 15 Network, the brand offers £1 to charity for every £20 deposited at the site. In January this year Cancer Research benefitted from a donation of £392, in February The British Heart Foundation received £358 and last month Scope hit the jackpot with £529. There’s a real feel good factor to the site but unfortunately, there is a bad smell lingering around the brand that refuses to dissipate.

Prior to January 2014 we can find no historical references to donations made to worthy causes by Charity Bingo and despite contacting the site for information, it has not been provided and emails have been left unanswered. We do know that since the beginning of the year that has been a change in management and this is clear in the transparency of the site now, however it does not negate the fact that since October 2012 until December 2013 the brand refuses to provide details of their charitable donations.

From February 2013 until August 2013 at least, the dedicated promotional page at the site was not updated and simply said ‘£1,362.50 has already been raised for Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK will remain as the charity of the month until the end of February.’ This remained on the site until at least August 2013 and can be viewed on the link below. (Please note the reduction in the amount being donation to charity from 10% of every deposit to £1 in every £20 deposited which is just 5%).

The issue with Charity Bingo here is the lack of transparency between October 2012 and December 2013 and it raises the question, what exactly does the site owner have to hide that he will not provide documentation that shows the donations to worthy causes. We accept that this is prior to a recent change in management but we feel strongly enough to make the decision to stop promoting the brand.

The site sells itself to players as being ‘different from other online bingo sites in that we give away some of our profits to charity’. As bingo players ourselves and ones who have made a deposit with the brand in the period in question, all we want to know is that the site was doing exactly as it said on the tin. Surely other players who had deposited at the site would be equally as interested? Not an unreasonable request in our opinion. We don’t want to see press releases of the owner standing with an oversized cheque, simply a receipt or two or a Just Giving page as the current management are doing.

It will be interesting to see if this article is ignored along with the emails sent and a previous article on another bingo news site.

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