Behind The Scene Changes At Foxy Bingo

When Bwin first bought out Foxy Bingo a few years ago they were still tied into contractual agreements with the software suppliers and other tie ins, and that’s meant no huge changes to the site. However, these contracts are about to come to an end and this may mean some big changes going forward at Foxy Bingo. While we don’t yet know what these changes may be, if any, we do know that Bwin has employed several companies to work behind the scenes on the sites and that could mean a whole new look for the Fox!

Now we quite like that smooth old Fox and we hope he sticks around, but we have heard on the grapevine that Foxy Bingo has employed Partners Andrews Aldridge to develop a new design for the site, and media agency UM London to plan the site’s vision from here forward.

What that certainly means is we’re going to see some big changes but we have no idea what they could be. We could see a whole new branding for the site and a complete overhaul of the site itself, and it’s even possible we could see a change of software. We think it’s quite unlikely given the popularity of the software used that we’d see this kind of change, unless of course Bwin has something really sensational up its sleeve, but if that’s the case we’re not hearing about it right now. As for any redesign we’ll have to see what Partners Andrews Aldridge come up with.

And as for the UM London connection, regarding future marketing of the site, we do know that the sponsorship of the Jeremy Kyle show is set to continue in a deal worth £8 million, but we’ll have to see what impact they have for the brand. UM London will be working not only with Foxy Bingo but also other Cashcade brands such as Cheeky Bingo, and that could mean some major changes over several sites as the year goes on.

We’ll bring you any news as we have it of course, but for now we’re just waiting to see what will be new and exciting from Foxy Bingo et al!


By: Kath Cross

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