Chancellor Plays In Cardiff Bingo Hall

To counter claims that the present coalition are not in touch with their electorate, Chancellor George Osbourne has been visiting the ‘hardworking’ people of Britain on a whistle stop tour, one of his stops being in Castle Bingo, Newport Road in Cardiff.

The Chancellor spent his time chatting to ‘hardworking’ pensioners and staff, posing, and actually playing a game of bingo where after a bit of guidance he managed to come three numbers away from a cash win.

Our feelings are a bit mixed about the whole bingo taxation affair, as obviously we applaud the decision to reduce bingo taxation by 10%, but, at the same time, are aware of the perception of the policy change being nothing more than a cynical vote grabbing exercise, one of many from the current budget announcements.

It appears to be one of a series of ‘crumb throwing’ moves which will have little real impact on the finances of the ‘hard working, hard drinking bingo player’, or the ‘silver savers’. We have noted how the reduction directly led to the prevention of the closure of Crown Bingo in Portsmouth, and expect to hear of more clubs being saved as a direct result of the new tax bracketing.

However, it is very hard to resist jumping on the cynical bandwagon, as they make is so easy as to be irresistible. “You can fool some of the people all the time…”, but in this instance, it is unlikely that anyone is being fooled. This is obviously not the first example of ‘publicity politicking’, and is by no means the worst, that accolade probably goes to John Gummer who fed publicly his daughter a beef burger during the B.S.E. scare.

Having said that, he also spent time visiting Port Talbot Steel works, as he is promising £7 billion to reduce energy costs for big business. That visit was probably more appropriate, I’m not sure if he actually felt the heat of the furnaces, but, a visit to the real of ‘grime’ of industry is something that every MP should do if they really want to claim to be in any small way in touch with the working class portion of the electorate.

Anyhow, back to bingo, and while the media circus continues so does bingo thanks to the tax cut! Good job all around! Original article.

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