RASR Entertainment Sell Off Bingo Brands

A short while ago we received an email from RASR Entertainment informing us that we should stop promoting several of their brands because of a change in marketing budget. The sites involved were New Look, Sparkling, Sexy Shoes, Bingo 3x, Bingo Legacy and Rap Chic Bingo with a suggestion that they were to be shifting […]

Daily Record Bingo Closed Or Not Renewed?

The Cashcade Network has a number of news and magazine sites in it – one of them is for the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. Well, at least it did, but at this moment the site is down and out, despite still being linked too from the Daily Record’s homepage. Incredibly, a quick look at […]

Tax Changes And A New Look Bingo Association Site

The dust might have had time to settle on Tuesday’s Budget, but the bingo industry is likely to be ruing the changes made to the tax regime for a long time to come. Most notable is Machine Games Duty (MGD) which will be hitting operators in their most profitable area of business, a further tax […]

Back In Business, The Return Of Playing Bingo

You’d be forgiven for thinking the site had gone the way of the dodo the last couple of years. I’m as shocked it’s taken as long myself. The old blog shut down in April 2010, due to Blogger removing support for FTP publishing. My aim was to take the opportunity to build a new blog, […]

In Praise Of Sun Bingo UK – Leading The Way

You’ll probably spot a lot more adverts for Sun Bingo around a number of websites in coming months, including ours. They have just launched their own affiliate programme, which means many sites will increase their coverage of Sun Bingo to benefit from the advertising potential. Following meeting the people behind Sun Bingo in London during […]

Online Bingo Site White List And Advertsing Ban Information For UK Bingo Sites

We’ve covered the confusion surrounding the up and coming implementation of the Gambling Act 2005 and the related online bingo advertising ban before. Things are becoming clearer for sites like Playing Bingo and our relationship to the ban. Given the ban starts on September the 1st, I know there’s still a lot of people out […]

Confusion Surrounds The Upcoming UK Gambling Legislation For Advertisers

You may have noticed we run the odd advert for online bingo sites, as an affiliate. With the new gambling legislation due to come in from the 1st September, the face of gambling advertising will change and be subject to strict regulations. Whilst for TV, print and radio the things that can and can’t be […]

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