Daily Record Bingo Closed Or Not Renewed?

The Cashcade Network has a number of news and magazine sites in it – one of them is for the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record. Well, at least it did, but at this moment the site is down and out, despite still being linked too from the Daily Record’s homepage.

Incredibly, a quick look at the domain’s whois shows that the domain dailyrecordbingo.com has expired and is in what’s called the Redemption Period. Basically, this means that the domain has not been renewed by the owner (Cashcade) but has not been fully dropped by the registrar. They can if they wish renew it in this time. If they don’t, the domain is free for other people to grab and use as they want. Because it’s in this state, the DNS for the site no longer works, so in effect the site is down as people can’t reach the address.

Here’s the WHOIS data on the domain as it stands today:

Status: REDEMPTIONPERIOD [expired, past registrar grace period]
Dates: Created 31-aug-2005 Updated 19-jun-2012 Expires 31-aug-2012

Now, one has to ask why this happened happened? Has someone at Cashcade simply forgotten to renew the domain, or has the site closed for good? My guess would be the former, with recent changes, buyouts, take-overs, etc at Cashcade, there’s a good chance that this has fallen through the net due to a lack of ownership at the company. From our own experience with Cashcade recently this would seem likely. It seems unlikely that the site has closed, as Cashcade would have contacted its players to let them know. This doesn’t seem to have been the case, and if it was, surely the Daily Record would remove the link from its site?

If Cashcade has forgotten, then they need to get on to it quickly and get the domain back whilst they still can. If they don’t, it’s fair game to any one out there to get the domain name for themselves and do something else with it. If I’m right and it is an oversight, I would imagine as soon as it gets picked up someone at Cashcade will pay the extra redemption period fee and get the domain back and things will be back to normal. If I’m wrong, then Cashcade need to be in contact with their players, as the person who highlighted this to me is a regular and has not heard anything.

Of course, there is a third option. Could it be that with all their advertising, take-over fees and staff bills that the company are so hard up they can’t find the £5 or so it takes to renew the domain for another year? If this is the case, maybe we should get a whip around going? Seriously though, whatever the reason is, Cashcade, sort it out please or at least let us know that it’s closed…

UPDATE: It was just a glitch, albeit one that lasted well over a week that we know of. However, the site is now up and running correctly again. Were you affected by this outage? Were you contacted about it? If so, drop us a line in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Daily Record Bingo Closed Or Not Renewed?

  1. i am not getting my winnings since one thirty am this morning in arizona in the game of bam bam bingo, i have won several cupcakes, the bat, the ghost and the cobwebs and two others and i did not receive this items along with cash winnings. please check into this, thank you very much. susan gorall

    1. Hi Susan

      Why are you posting a comment about Bam Bam Bingo on this article about Daily Record Bingo? :) We have a review of Bam Bam Bingo here.

      Unfortunately we cannot help you with your query as we have simply reviewed the product and are not the operators. We suggest contacting them via message on Facebook.



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