Armed Police Remove Disabled Bingo Player From Club

Kevin Thomas, 47, was removed from Gala Bingo in Milton Keynes, after staff had called 999. A disabled bingo player, he apparently made some disparaging remarks about the food, and also insulted the staff. At no point during the incident did he produce a firearm, knife, or other weapon, and is not known to be a martial arts expert, so the other players must wondered what was going on when armed police entered the building.

Milton Keynes is not at the top of the list of terror targets, there has been no suggestion of Mr Thomas being linked with Al-Quaeeda, and no explosive devices were found on his person. It turns out that the armed police who arrived were the only ones in the area at the time.

It appears that Mr Thomas and the club were at loggerheads, and that the situation reached breaking point. Although he claims no wrong doing, Gala Bingo claim that he has a history of bad behaviour, and he obviously overstepped the mark. He claims that the staff had it in for him due to his previous complaints about the food.

As far as we know, no fists were raised or blows landed, however it must be said that if a player is unhappy about the food, there are better ways to channel complaints than abusing staff (who are not highly paid). Putting up with rudeness can be an unfortunate element of the job, but it is never acceptable. If the food is not to a player’s taste, then they should not buy it again. Bingo club food is always cheap, and you ‘get what you pay for’. We British do tend to have a ‘stiff upper lip’, but perhaps it’s better than a ‘fat lip’. Complain, but, do so politely. More details from The Sun.

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