Internet Authority Assessing .bingo As A gTLD

When you think of any online bingo brand you think .com or right? Well things could be set to change in the future as ICANN has just released a complete list of 1930 generic top-level domains (in layman’s terms, the word that appears after the ‘.’ in any web address or otherwise known as gTLD’s) and in amongst them is .bingo. Rumour has it that big names like William Hill and Ladbrokes are even after purchasing their own brand gTLD’s – .williamhill and .ladbrokes – so we could see a change in how we search and visit our bingo sites in the future.

The cost for having a branded gTLD is something in the region of $185,000 with an annual renewal fee of $25,000 but big name brands like Foxy, William Hill, Ladbrokes and many others would easily be able to cover these charges. The .bingo gTLD would know doubt have a price tag similar to that of the .com, and .net.

However, how would this change affect the little people who don’t have the budget these big name brands have? Would they simply be known as (Bingo Cove), or (Ballroom Bingo)? Of course for brands like William Hill who provide more than just bingo the ‘.brand name’ option works well, they would have,, casino.william but what about the likes of Foxy Bingo, what would the prefix be to their .foxybingo? Of course sites don’t have to change their web addresses, it simply means that in the future we may see brands launching using a .bingo domain name.

There are two companies currently bidding on the gTLD .bingo; Sand Cedar LLC and dot Bingo Ltd. Other gambling related gTLD’s that have been applied for include:

  • .bet – applicants are dot Bet Limited, Afilias Ltd, Ladbrokes
  • .casino – applicants are dot Casino Ltd, Binky Sky LLC, Afilias Ltd, dotBeauty LLC

This obviously isn’t just for bingo either, applications have been made by big name brands outside of the online gaming industry too. Amazon have applied for .books and .movies. Google have applied for over 100 different names which include .youtube and .music.

According to some articles applications have not been made for .facebook or .twitter which is surprising.

2 thoughts on “Internet Authority Assessing .bingo As A gTLD

  1. These changes have been on the card for a number of years now, but they’ve taken an age to actually sort it out finally! I was looking into getting .bingo myself, until I saw the prices!

    To be honest, I don’t think this will make a big difference to bingo sites, as they’re already established on their own domains, which have all that history and search engine placement – to move to these new domains could be a big issue for them. Not only that, Google has typical favoured the traditional TLDs, and newfangled ones like .biz, .info, .co, etc. have always fared poorly and had issues.

  2. Excellent post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Bless you!

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