York In The Money At Mecca Bingo, Fishergate

It was a Mecca Bingo hall that popped my bingo cherry when I was taken kicking and screaming along with a friend and her Nan to my first ever session. The family of four from York are currently celebrating a whopping £22,392.99 when after being the first to call the full house on the National Bingo Game in their local Mecca Bingo hall. Details of the winners are not known although reports from the York Press (article here) suggest that there were two adults in the 50’s and two of the party were in their 20’s or 30’s.

A team leader at the Mecca Bingo hall in Fishergate, Jo then Dale, had this to say about the win “As you can imagine the group were all very excited and one lady rushed outside. When someone wins in the club everyone gets excited creating a great atmosphere”.

At the time of the win in York approximately 71,000 tickets were in play and the last win of this magnitude at the club was about six months ago. Just a few miles away at the Clifton Bingo Club in 2006 one lucky player managed to scoop the jackpot of over £100,000. Prior to that, in 2005, there were three big jackpot wins; an £18,000 jackpot and a National Bingo prize valued at £101,000 that were won in the space of two nights followed by a £202,000 jackpot win by a HGV driver.

Obviously I can’t say that the bingo halls in York are the luckiest in the country but they have definitely had their fair share of jackpot winners.

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