In Praise Of Sun Bingo UK – Leading The Way

You’ll probably spot a lot more adverts for Sun Bingo around a number of websites in coming months, including ours. They have just launched their own affiliate programme, which means many sites will increase their coverage of Sun Bingo to benefit from the advertising potential. Following meeting the people behind Sun Bingo in London during the 2nd Online Bingo Summit, and seeing the quality of their offering, I’ve made a point of reviewing Sun Bingo ahead of others in my to do list.

Now, The Sun newspaper has a long history when it comes to Bingo with their use of the game in their paper since the 80s. I have to admit I was caught on the hop, I hadn’t realised their online operation had grown so large. It’s now one of the UK’s biggest online bingo sites, propelled by a strong marketing campaign in The Sun newspaper and what’s been classed as one of the most annoying adverts ever. With over a thousand players at the site at any one time, it’s giving the likes of Gala and Mecca Bingo a run for their money. You can read my full review of Sun Bingo Uk here.

Now that I’ve had a good chance to try the site myself, I’d like to take the opportunity to mention some of the innovations at the site and why I rank it so highly. It has a number of exceptional elements that I think the rest of the industry should learn from and consider implementing – so I thought I’d go into a bit of detail about why.

Firstly, each Bingo room is split into separate chat rooms. This is a good way of keeping the chat in some of the more populated rooms manageable. Some of the bigger rooms at other sites, with comparable numbers of players can be a nightmare to keep up with, Sun Bingo’s chat set up gets over that. According to their presentation at the summit, it also fosters a strong loyalty amongst the players at the various rooms, which is also good.

The second thing that other sites should consider is the pricing mechanics. Sun Bingo has a unique feature in that the prices are fixed and great value for every game. What’s more, the maximum number of strips player can play is low – four strips. Compare that with sites that offer players the chance to play 30+ strips at once. In a Bingo club you’d only ever play a single strip of six, and in online bingo players using 30+ gives them an unfair advantage in the odds in a practice called ‘maxing out’ tickets. If big rollers are winning more, it can lead to discontent amongst the players who play a more traditional game. I also feel this low strip limit puts the focus back on the Bingo rather than the amount that can be made each game by the operator.

The third thing they do is focus on smaller jackpots that are won more often. Too many sites out there promote big jackpots that are nigh on impossible to win. Sun Bingo’s smaller ones are won a lot more frequently as they are more realistically set on the call number to win them.

For me Sun Bingo does what a lot of online bingo sites have failed to do, and that’s replicate the feel of the real world games. The site is not without issues, but overall, I’d like to see more offerings like Sun Bingo in the UK marketplace. There are too many sites focused only on making money on not on offering player experience and value for money. The should take a look at The Sun’s player focused attitude and learn from it.

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