369 Players In One Club Share In The First Gala High 5 Jackpot

Following the Kerchingo game, Gala Bingo are back on the big prize money ladder after their first ever Gala High 5 main jackpot has been won, with a jackpot prize of £874,208. The Gala prize is a bit different to the Mecca Millionaire and Big N though, because that prize money isn’t won by one person, it’s won by the whole club.

Margaret Ann Venables from the Fenton Gala Bingo shouted house on the number 5 to win the main game. She won 50% of the prize, with the other 50% being split between the other members of the club, where she is now no doubt their favourite person. So Margaret walked away with a cool £437,104, whilst the rest of the club got themselves a nice pay day of £1,184 each.

I like this method of paying out the big prize in a split, it’s a great way to make everyone in the club feel a part of a big win, not to mention a great incentive to play at the club. We;re still waiting for the Big N to fall, but who’d have thought the National Game would have been the one that took the longest to go! It used to be the highlight of the night, at the moment is a bit of an also ran if you play at Gala or Mecca.

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