Jackpot Joy Gets 90 Ball Bingo

I had a little moan last month about Jackpot Joy winning the eGaming Awards for Best Online Bingo Operator. Well, they’ve finally redeemed themselves now by finally offering the UK version of online bingo with their new Full House Bingo – a fully fledged 90 ball game.

The new game plays in the Jackpot Joy flash window, and features many of the things you’d expect in an online bingo such as ticket sorting auto marking. I have a small issue with it. The strips are set out a little different to what I’ve seen at other sites powered by the likes of St Minver and Virtue Fusion. Basically, they have a number of bonus games where you do things like buy 4 get 4 free. Being a traditionalist I like to play six tickets. When you buy 4 and get the free ones, they don’t come from the same strip you bought the first 4 off, so you get duplicates.

Most people probably wouldn’t worry about that, but being a traditionalist I found it a little annoying. It’s not quite up there with the Bingo Liner 90 ball game issues where buying 6 gets you all sorts of duplicates, but it is a small oversight IMO, and easily remedied.

Jackpot Joy have traditionally tapped the non-traditional Bingo market, and done it with great style and success. Now they have a 90 ball game, it will be interesting to see how many new players they can get as a result. There’s already a lot of players and good prize money being played for, so if it takes off for them, maybe they’ll add more rooms.

It would be nice to see them do something extra bonus games on the 90 ball game, like the Price Is Right Game. Given their track record, I think we should keep an eye on Jackpot Joy and see if they can carve themselves a big piece of the existing mind share of established and big brand 90 ball Bingo sites.

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