Back In Business, The Return Of Playing Bingo

You’d be forgiven for thinking the site had gone the way of the dodo the last couple of years. I’m as shocked it’s taken as long myself. The old blog shut down in April 2010, due to Blogger removing support for FTP publishing. My aim was to take the opportunity to build a new blog, and improve the site, which was long overdue a slap of paint and a clean up. Well, here we are, it’s almost 2 years since the old blog closed, and finally, the new look Playing Bingo is here.

There was a delay in getting going as other projects took precedence throughout the remainder of 2010 and early 2011, and finally in June 2011 we got stuck in to the refresh of this site. And believe it or not, it’s taken two of us since then to bring the site into shape and set her free (with other help along the way). Most of the old content is still here, in some cases it’s been improved, in others just moved about a bit. There’s a whole shed load of new stuff, and a complete new layout and division of the site.

So what’s new? Well – our Online Bingo section has expanded massively, there are hundreds of new pages of reviews, bonus details and more. Our much copied Club Finder has been given a completely new look, with each club having a lot more useful info and we want your input too, with photos and comments about the clubs. Sadly, since we last spoke our Lost Bingo Halls section has also grown considerably too. There’s now over a hundred lost bingo halls listed for those looking to take a trip down memory lane.

Rather than bore you with the full details of what we’ve done, take a look around yourself and see – the site should make a lot more sense now, and be a lot nicer to look at now the old purple has been relegated to the banner. Roughly there’s over 600 old blog posts, 400+ club pages, 100+ lost club pages, 180 online bingo reviews and bonus pages; and all the old content that was here before and plenty of new stuff coming too.

There is one sad casualty along the way, We decided that the forum was no longer getting the use we’d hoped for, so with a heavy heart we have now removed the forum from the site. But fear not, there are still lots of ways to interact with the site. You can comment on the blog posts as before, and hopefully we can take the chat into the blog realm instead of at the forum, avoiding the old tumbleweeds blowing through and making the place look unloved. Thanks to those that took part there, you input was appreciated.

Going forward, there’s loads more great stuff to come, the changes aren’t yet finished and there’s lots more stuff I want to add to the site. The blog will get back up to speed the next couple of weeks, and as well as the usual moans, groans and moments of clarity from myself, I’m hoping a few new faces might join me in posting on the site as well, so keep an eye on the top of the post to see who’s talking.

So for the next couple of weeks whilst we make sure everything’s working okay, things might go a bit odd or disappear, change, be a bit broken. Bear with us as we’ll be trying our hardest to get it fixed. It feels great to be back, we’ll catch up soon.

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