Online Bingo Site White List And Advertsing Ban Information For UK Bingo Sites

We’ve covered the confusion surrounding the up and coming implementation of the Gambling Act 2005 and the related online bingo advertising ban before. Things are becoming clearer for sites like Playing Bingo and our relationship to the ban. Given the ban starts on September the 1st, I know there’s still a lot of people out there who make editorial based Bingo sites who don’t know where they stand – or what sites they can and can’t advertise.

Basically, any site that carries any sort of paid advertising, affiliate links or advertising banners for online gambling needs to be within the regulations. If you or your sites are UK focused and you have gambling related advertising of any kind on there, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re with in the regulations set out by the Committee of Advertising Practice. This includes any old content you have up from the past that’s still available and any new content you publish.

There are relaxations in the new regulations that are good news for advertisers and publishers alike. The main thrust of the ban is to stop sites who are licensed outside of the approved white listed regions advertising to a UK audience. This is a positive move that should help improve people’s confidence when they choose an online bingo site to play at via other online sites or adverts. If of course, webmasters do there bit to adhere to the regulations. If they’re not, there’s the potential of being fined or imprisoned for non-compliance. It will be interesting to see how it’s policed, but that’s another story.

If a region’s licensing regime isn’t up to the EU’s or approved white listed regions, it’s not going to be allowed to advertise until they either get the region white listed or a company gets licensed in the approved places. So far there are only two extra approved regions outside the of European Economic Area (EEA), being Alderney and the Isle of Man. Other regions are currently in the process of applying to be included on the white list, but any that haven’t yet are automatically excluded.

So far, I’m yet to see any definitive lists about what sites are covered under the EU and approved regions white list, so, I made one up as a guide to help fellow online bingo related content sites. Our white and non white listed sites and networks guide covers most of the big sites and Bingo networks. It will be updated as I get new information or spot omissions. If you’re an a site using Bingo adverts and you want to stay within the law come the 1st of September, then make sure you check out the white list and see you’re advertising acceptable Bingo sites.

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