Unfortunate Times For Bingo Callers

I’ve spotted a couple of stories in the news the last week featuring Bingo callers. Unfortunately, both the stories were a bit short in the good news stakes. First up, news that Mecca Bingo caller Ricky Denton failed in his bid to become a boot camp attendee when he failed to impress the X Factor judges. His performance of Cliff Richard’s Living Doll didn’t go down to well with the judges, so that’s the end of his X Factor adventure. The caller come singer aims to try again next year, and will learn from his mistakes.

As for the other story, I have to adopt a bit of a public information announcer mode and say to people “Never leave your chip pans unattended.” Unfortunately, our next caller, Paul from the Gala club in Lynn left one to boil and catch fire. He had a lucky escape when the pan caught fire in the kitchen of his parent’s house. His father wasn’t so lucky and ended up with severe burns when the burning oil poured on him as he tried to remove the pan.

Ok, it’s not a major Bingo story I realise, but I felt I had to mention it as I know too well the dangers of chip pan fires. Back in my school days a fellow pupil and three of his family lost their lives in an incident like this. A pan was left to it’s own devices and caught fire. We had to walk past the burnt out wreck of his house every day on the way to school, and it really drove home importance of taking care.

I’d know I’m happier here to send out a friendly reminder than report the loss of a Bingo caller in such an incident.

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