Table Top Entertainment Ltd Learn Nothing From ASA Ruling

On 23rd July 2014 a ruling was published on the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) website against Table Top Entertainment Ltd t/a Jackpot Cafe. There had been two complaints about an advert that had appeared on the social networking site Facebook. Jackpot Cafe had intimated in the ad that a UK man had won £18,000 with […]

Jackpot Cafe Facebook Ad Banned By ASA

In April of this year one of our team, Kath, covered a story about advertising on Facebook by Jackpot Cafe. In the article she questions how responsible the advert actually is and suggests that it breaches Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) guidelines. She was so incensed by the ad itself that she even took the time […]

Facebook Real Money Bingo Friendzy Closes

When Bingo Friendzy launched in August 2012 we were one of many sites to debate whether real money bingo on Facebook was going to catch on. We wondered why an online bingo player would choose Facebook over your traditional Internet gaming option and asked if other sites were set to follow suit. The only other […]

Rap On The Knuckles For Rap Chic Bingo

When it comes to getting your product brand name out there online bingo sites use many different mediums for advertising. We see an abundance of different brands advertising on television, open any women’s magazine and you will find at least one advert and of course there is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with […]

Wonga’s Betty Does Bingo

Unless you don’t watch television, you can’t have failed to have caught one of the adverts for the short term loan company featuring the OAP puppets, Betty, Earl and Joyce. Betty is currently doing bingo in an effort to promote their brand and whilst I love bingo, I’ve been having an internal debate as […]

Bash Gaming Set To Gross $55 Million

The company behind the popular Bingo Bash game on Facebook is set to gross $55 million this year as their virtual gaming platform goes from strength to strength. BitRhymes created the Bingo Bash game and it’s become so popular that they have renamed their entire company Bash Gaming, giving the brand far more recognition with […]

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