Facebook Real Money Bingo Friendzy Closes

When Bingo Friendzy launched in August 2012 we were one of many sites to debate whether real money bingo on Facebook was going to catch on. We wondered why an online bingo player would choose Facebook over your traditional Internet gaming option and asked if other sites were set to follow suit.

The only other brand to follow suit was Bingo Appy, a product launched by 888 and this product is still available. However, the same cannot be said of Bingo Friendzy as on Wednesday we received an email from Profitable Play and Bingo Friendzy telling us that it was the last day in which we could use any funds remaining in our account.

The email had the subject line ‘Important Account Information’ and when opened actually gave very little information. It simply let us know that by midnight on 28th May we would no longer be able to play at Bingo Friendzy on Facebook as they were ‘waving goodbye’. It then went on to tell us that we could withdraw any balance and how our login details could be used at Jackpot Joy.

There was no explanation of why the closure has come about but we suspect that like Wonder Bingo before it, Facebook games do not translate well into the pay to play market. Wonder Bingo started out on Facebook with an impressive amount of players, they launched a pay to play site and just eight months after launch, closed to players.

At least Bingo Friendzy managed nearer the two year mark.

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