Foxy Bingo Launches The Foxy Book Shelf

Are you a member at Foxy Bingo? Do you like to read? If so then we have some fantastic news for you today! Last Thursday on Foxy TV the ‘Book Shelf’ launched. It’s an in house book club discussing all the current releases and reads for summer. I’m overly excited about this, and there’s a good reason why, it’s because the book club is to be run by me!

Alongside all my bingo writing and playing, I love to read and run the Reading Addicts website. When Foxy approached me to run the book club I could hardly believe my luck as I now get to combine my two favourite things!

I love nothing more than cracking the spine (carefully!) on a pristine hardback and falling into the world between the pages, and if you’re as much of a bibliophile as me, you’re going to love it too.

The Foxy Book Shelf launched on Thursday on Foxy TV with my top reads for summer and you can catch up on them over at Foxy right now. There’s going to be all sorts going on over at the site, with book reviews, freebies, giveaways, author interviews and more. You’ll have the chance to submit your own reviews and views, and even win Foxy loyalty points too, and hopefully like me you’ll also be combining your two favourite pastimes, bingo and books!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for the summer suitcase (less shoes more books is the answer you’re looking for), then make sure you keep abreast of the action with Foxy Bingo over the summer, and hopefully I’ll get to connect with you on Foxy TV and Radio! Pop in and say hi! You’ll find full details of the Book Shelf under the Foxy Family tab on site.

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