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The bingo tax reduction is now old news, but the Bingo Association feel that the support they received for their ‘Boost Bingo’ campaign should be rewarded. So, on Friday 16th of May, there will be free links games across the country in bingo clubs which are members of the Bingo Association, which is practically all of them.

The positive effects of the tax reduction are already being felt across the bingo industry, and will hopefully continue to do so for a long time. After years of lobbying, the Bingo Association hit it right with their campaign which gathered a great deal of momentum over a relatively short period.

It’s success may be attributed to two elements. Firstly the campaign, incorporated a combination of social and other media which all seemed to very well orchestrated. The signatories of support were both digital, and signed inside the clubs themselves by patrons. Secondly it may be an element of luck in the timing of the campaign, as an uncanny amount of politicians showed their support both outside and inside Parliament. This was perhaps a ‘vote catcher’, particularly for the Coalition who were striving to appeal to the working classes as specifically outlined by David Skelton.

Whatever the reasons for success at least the short term future of the industry is assured, and it may even experience some growth if it uses extra funds to tackle the problem of bingo’s blue rinse image. Mind you after last Summer’s poor footfall resulting in lowered profits across many of the UK’s clubs, if this Summer is a repeat, they’ll be keeping funds back for those very sunny ‘rainy days’.

The celebration is an example of how bingo is more than just a game, it’s a part of the community, and so the Bingo Association member clubs are rewarding ‘their’ community with the opportunity to win £1,500. I’m sure the halls will be packed anyway this Friday, and you never know, the free offer may entice some new players.

If your local hall is either a Gala or Mecca Bingo club, you are pretty much assured of a free link game, however, please ring to check to ensure that they are participating. If your club is not run by one of the two big names again, please check, as we don’t have a list of association members. Original article.

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