New Uniform For Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo Uniform

It’s hopefully a year of change for bingo, and Gala Bingo have set their ball rolling with a new uniform for all it’s staff (almost 5000). Obviously with such a large number of staff they have to get the uniform right so Gala enrolled the services of designer Christina Burke from Jermyn Street Design of London.

Apparently deciding on a uniform is not as straightforward as one might think, the design having to go through a process of consultation, staff focus groups and wearer trials before being finalised. The whole process took two years!

During this period Gala staff tested the uniform, and employee’s thoughts on it’s suitability were noted. The uniforms had to fit a wide range of sizes, had to be functional, and stylish. There is a choice of long and short sleeve tops, as well as trousers of skirts for ladies. As you can see from the photograph, there is something definitely refreshing about the new uniform.

It does look a bit smarter and more stylish. It does look a bit tight as well, the old one had a bit more flair on the sleeves. It’s a nice ‘sporty look’ and some may say a definite improvement. Anyway, what do you think? An improvement or not? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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