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Bright Bingo may only have been open a few weeks but already they are advertising their wares on the small screen with a TV marketing campaign! Only the second brand to launch from Dazzeltag using the b-livegaming software, this site offers a very unique gaming experience but what of the commercial?

The opening scene shows the logo for Bright Bingo and their slogan ‘Brighten Up Britain’. The scene then changes to a woman who has clearly just got out of bed. She sports pyjamas and bed head whilst overfilling her coffee mug. The Bright Bingo magic takes over and in front of her appears a frothy drink complete with whipped cream.

Whilst all this is going on the voiceover tells how the site is challenging you to make your everyday tasks a little bit brighter. The scene changes to the same woman performing her weekly food shop before the magic kicks in again and she is transformed to a clothes shop where she is trying on a dress with friends.

All the while the voiceover is telling you about the welcome bonus on offer for new players at Bright Bingo. The final scene shows the star of the commercial about to tuck into a salad before she is transformed to a kitchen where a rather handsome chap is cooking up a storm for her.

To be honest, the commercial did nothing for us – the suggestion was that things could be better for you if you play at Bright Bingo which could land the brand in a bit of trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency. It was dull and to be fair, rather patronising, like your life is not bright enough without their bingo brand.

What do you think?

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