New Bingo Hall Opens In Harwich

Since the budget announcement we’ve been expecting less bad news when it comes to bingo halls. We’ve been expecting less closures and more success stories, but we haven’t really been expecting to hear of new clubs opening other than by either Gala Bingo or Mecca Bingo who have the financial clout to take a risk.

So, it’s with tears of gladness that we can report a new independent bingo hall has just opened in Harwich. Top Draw Bingo on Kingsway is located in what used to be a snooker hall, and has been converted by owner Mike Gibbons into Harwich’s first bingo hall in more than 30 years.

Apparently there were initial reservations about the proposal due to fears of noise, but, obviously the local council has not taken these fears too seriously. The snooker hall had been closed for seven years, and there’s nothing worse on a high street than empty buildings for the town’s ‘feel good factor’, and with so many businesses closing lately the local council probably welcomed the prospect of a new business in the area (not to mention the business council tax!).

In fact it looks like the venture has got the council’s full blessing, as local Mayor Dave McLeod and Mayoress Dee King were there for the opening and called the first games.

The club has been contacted, and we’re waiting on details before we put a page up for the venue. When we get the reply we’ll be able to put up a club page, and you’ll be able to see their session times and other info on this site as the club hasn’t got their own website as yet. Original article.

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